LOTN, a.s. won a tender for repair of the Lithuanian Air-Force L-410 aircraft

We won a tender for the repair of the Lithuanian L-410 aircraft. The Trenčín Aircraft Repair Company managed to win another contract in an international tender. This time LOTN, a.s. will undertake a general repair of the L-410 UVP aircraft owned by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania. This is another successful example of state owned LOTN, a.s. after last year’s success in international competition for helicopter overhauls for NATO.

This is another very good report for the Trenčín region, since Trenčín Aircraft Repair Company is a major employer in the area. And all the contracts mean more work for employees, which has already shown in the last period when the employment has increased by about 30 people.

The airplane arrived directly at Trenčín Airport by a so called “technical flight” from Lithuania in the first half of February. LOTN plans to repair fuselage, systems, technical units and aircraft equipment, perform modernization of avionics systems, general overhaul of two aircraft engines and general overhaul of two propellers. Revision of the aircraft will also be conducted in cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer L – 410 Aircraft Industries, a.s. The contract is expected to be performed by the end of 2017.

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