Non-Destructive Testing


The beginning of NDT workshop, as we know it today began at Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s. in 1992 by creating a comprehensive NDT workshop and train staff by the “Federal Defectoscopic Center of the State Research Institute of Materials in Prague”. Over the years, individual NDT methods have been improved not just technically but also legislatively. The largest legislative changes occurred at the entry of Slovak Republic into the European Union, when company tried to follow the established trend in aviation by applying the standards from EN 4179, respectively related American standards NAS 410. Process of improvement is still in progress thought updating standards, certificates, recertification of personnel and investing in new technical resources needed to implement various NDT methods.

In 2014, Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s. became part of Slovak society for non-destructive testing.

Methods performed by company

PT- Penetration method

Detection of surface material defects. Company has a built-in capillary line for the penetration method.

MT- Magnetic powder method

Detection of surface and subsurface defects by hand magnet JWM-220 and magnetic machine UNIMAG BASIC 1200, which magnetize by current and coil flow, both DC and AC current. Demagnetization is performed by the DEMAT 400 DF.

VT- Visual method

Detection of surface material defects by visual, magnifier and videoscope General Electric Mentor Visual IQ.


PT – two certified workers Level II. According to EN 4179 / NAS 410
MT – two certified workers Level II. According to EN 4179 / NAS 410
VT – one certified worker Level II. According to ENN 4179 / NAS 410

Personnel working in NDT workshop maintain execution and evaluation of NDT testing (PT, MT and VT) according to aviation standards EN 4179 / NAS 410.

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