Airport informations

1 Geographical coordinates of ARP and position on AD 485151N 0175932E
Geometric center of RWY 04/22.
2 Direction and distance (from city) 235°, 3.5 km from Trenčín Castle
3 Altitude / Relative Temperature 206 m (676 ft) / 25,3° C (JUL)
4 Airport Operator Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s.
Address Legionárska 160, 911 04 TRENČÍN
5 TEL + 421 32 656 52 55,
+ 421 905 21 56 95,
+ 421 903 79 33 58,
FAX + 421 32 658 18 10
6 Authorized mode of operation VFR operation, day
7 Types of aircrafts MTOMs are prescribed by the capacity of RWY 03/21,
RWY 04/22 (concrete) can be used O/R via TEL.
8 Operating hours MON-FRI: 0600-1300 (0500-1200)
9 MET Not available
10 Types of fuel NIL
11 Types of oil NIL
12 Hangar Space for visiting aircrafts Obmedzené.
13 Maintenance for visiting aircrafts Limited, upon agreement with AD OPR
14 Fire Category CAT 3
15 Seasonal operation snow blower, snow sweepers, snow plows
16 Hotels Available in the city and in the area of airport
17 Catering Available in the city and in the area of airport
18 Health service Hospital in the city (3 km)
19 Transportation Public transport, taxi
20 Notes
SEAGLE AIR +421 32 658 73 35,
Aeroklub +421 32 652 08 11,
Air Sympatia +421 32 652 60 45
SEAGLE AIR +421 32 658 73 33,
Aeroclub +421 32 652 60 13,
Air Sympatia +42132 658 17 55

Airport barriers

At the approach and take of area NIL  NIL

In the area of the approach circle:

Type of barrier
Markings/LGTGeographical coordinates
Hill Hradište
ELEV 318 m/1 050 ft
Marking: no
LGT: no
485200N 0180020E

Local traffic rules

Airport rules

The airfield circles are operated only in direction W, unless the AFIS Trenčín operator specifies otherwise. Following the establishment of connection at the entry point to the AFIS Trencin (Jastrabie, Beckov, Nemšová) continue into the space between the second and third turn of the W circle and maintain a maximum altitude of 1700 ft or as instructed by the AFIS operator.
In the event of a radio link failure, proceed to Area E from RWY 03/21 and maintain a maximum altitude of 1700 ft. Wait for and watch the visual signals from the TWR.

Scrolling to and from the stables
Follow the ground staff instructions.

Parking space for small aircrafts
(General aviation)
Once you have landed on RWY 03/21 it is possible to use aero club stands.

Parking space for helicopters

Check-in area – scrolling in winter conditions

Scrolling – Restrictions
Scrolling on TWY C only with the “FOLLOW ME” assistance

Training, training and technical test flights – use of RWY

Operation of helicopters – limitations

Removing of unflyable aircrafts

Additional information

The occurrence of birds near the airport

Determination of bird paths representing air traffic threat:
The spring move of the birds runs from the beginning of February until the end of April.
The autumn bird move runs from the beginning of September until the end of November.
The daily interval is not recorded due to the relatively low occurrence of birds.
The average flight height of birds is 800 m to 1,000 m

Frequencies used

During OPR HR:
Monday – Friday: TRENCH TWR 120,75 MHz (123,60 MHz – backup, 119,175 MHz – backup)
Saturday-Sunday: 123.60 MHz (119.175 MHz – backup)

Noise reduction procedures


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