Ground Support Equipment


Ground Support Equipment repair department was established with the founding of the company. The company provide service of ground support equipment for whole Czechoslovak army.

In the past, we repaired mostly various special types of automotive, air, nitrogen and oxygen fillers, radio stations, airfield support devices, airport sweepers, hydraulic jacks. Lately was added production and service of filling equipment LETVA and repair of airfield tractors named TALET.


Department offers service and maintenance of following types of ground support equipment to our customers:

Air Equipment

High-pressure compressor UKS 400
Air Filler VPS 200
Air Filler 5L95
Air Filler LETVA-AIR

Nitrogen equipment

Nitrogen compression station UGZS
Nitrogen filler LETVA-N

Hydraulic Equipment

Filling station LETVA-HPZ
Hydraulic jacks for L-39, Mi-17, Mig-29
Airport trailer TALET

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