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Part of the Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s. is Metrological laboratory. This laboratory belongs with the scope of metrological operations to the biggest in Slovak republic.

The original Control-measure center was established on the basis of the order of the Ministry of National Defense, 31.01.1967, as a special metrology workplace and service center of control-measure equipment (KMT) for needs of Czechoslovak Air Force and Letecké opravovne Trenčín.

Laboratory gradually expanded its capabilities to calibrate simple meters of electrical quantities and pressures, until the decision in 1989, to establish the Central Metrology Laboratory (ÚML) of Czechoslovak Air Force. It starts in new places, equipped with quality and unique equipment considering that time. This equipment allowed metrological ensuring of the aircrafts used at that time in Czechoslovak Air Force, for example Mig-23, Su-22, Mi-17, Tu-134.

In the first years after the separation of Czechoslovakia, the Central Metrological Laboratory of Calibration of Control-Measure Equipment did calibrations for both countries. Gradually implement into its assortment, besides Ground Aviation Support Equipment also calibration or revision of PVO devices for example radar 1S91M2 (SURN), launching device 2P25M1 or mobile measuring station KIPS-V2-75M.


Currently are calibrations within a defined range for KMT performed by Ministry of Defense of Slovak Republic.

In the present is laboratory accredited according European and International norm STN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

In 2015, the Office for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Slovak Republic collective of Metrological laboratory was awarded by prize of Ján Andrej Segner for metrology year 2014, for long-term metrological support of measuring instruments (control-measuring technique) for aircrafts and ground support equipment.

Nowadays is Metrological Laboratory in its own space, where it made one unique complex of climatized workshops, equipped by high quality measurement equipment, special- purpose stands and auxiliary equipment.

Metrological Laboratory has defined structure, as a structure of management and stated place in main organization and relationships between quality management, technical service and support service.

Laboratory has procedures ensure security of confidential information about customers, including security of electronical result saving.


Laboratory has their own internal auditors, allowing to do internal audits in laboratory. Although auditors are capable of doing also external audits in external laboratories.

Activities and accreditation

Metrological laboratory is SNAS accredited which is signatory EA MLA and ILAC MRA in the field of accreditation of laboratories.

After than was laboratory awarded by approval (license) for using combined brand ILAC MRA in the field of valid accreditation.

Accreditation Register No.: No. 046/K 014 according STN ISO/IEC 17025

Information about scope of laboratory accreditation: Click here (!WebReports/1/

Basic information about accredited scope of calibration, in Certificate of accreditation (scope of capabilities):

Physical QuantityRange of Measurement
DC voltage calibration100 μV – 1000 V
AC voltage calibration2 μV – 1000 V
DC calibration0 μA – 20 A
AC calibration2 μA – 20 A
electrical resistance calibration0,1 mΩ – 1,1 GΩ
electrical capacity calibration1 pF – 110 μF
self inductance calibration1 μH – 2 H
high frequency power calibration0,1 μW – 20 W
frequency calibration0,05 – 40 GHz
time calibration0,1μs – 10 ms
atmospheric pressure calibration90,66 kPa – 103,99 kPa
vacuum calibration(-100 kPa) – 0 Pa
overpressure calibration0 Pa – 60 MPa

It performs calibrations of meters, for example: multimeters, RLC bridges, ohmmeters, vf wattmeters, generators, oscilloscopes, instruments of revision technicians, special purpose instruments, manometer, vacuum meter, transdusers etc.

The laboratory also performs non-accredited activities- calibration and revision of equipment.

The calibration shall be carried out on the basis of national standards, implementing units in accordance with the International System of Units (SI).

Physical QuantityRange of Measurement
dimension length calibrationup to 2 m
plane angle calibration0° to 360°
torque calibration0,1 Nm to 3000 Nm
force load calibrationup to 3000 N
humidity indicator revision 8Š31air : (-60)°C
nitrogen: (-70)°C

Service activity

Metrological laboratory performs maintenance and repair of equipment that are listed in calibrated meters.

The activity of laboratory is focused on calibration of measuring instruments – meters and measuring equipment and measuring equipment as well as combined type. For example calibration of electrical voltage+ electrical resistance+ pressure in one measuring device and specially designed equipment.

The most important customers and required performances of the Metrology Laboratory:

– Metrological security of Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s.

– Calibration and servicing of measurements and equipment in the usage of MOSR

– Calibration and servicing of military equipment and equipment outside of SR

– Calibration of airlines and both aviation operators and ground support equipment operators, as well as domestic also foreign customers

– Calibration of meters for other users in Slovakia and aboard

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