In April 2019, our colleagues completed the “Sikorsky Maintenance Manager Course” with focus on UH-60, which took place at the Sikorsky Training Center at Witham Field Airport, Stuart, Florida, USA.

The two-week intensive course was divided into two parts. The first part consisted of technical acquaintance with the helicopter, the second was oriented to the maintenance and management system.

The training center operates with two flying UH-60M, on which ground and flying personnel are trained. They also have another helicopter presented as the S-70i, which comes from Polish production. Most ground trainings take place on this helicopter, which are fully functional, as well. The training also included a system simulator UH-60, where is possible to fully imitate all the functions and failures of the helicopter.

The theoretical part consisted of the introduction of the system of maintenance, logistics, material and technical support, ground equipment, etc. Interesting part was of this section was a program focused on composites and associated EMI, corrosion protection, but also possible modifications to the helicopter.

The installation of the IVHUMS system, which allows comprehensive monitoring of the helicopter condition and records almost all parameters during the operation of the helicopter, is considered as an important step in maintenance and troubleshooting.

The electronic fleet management system based on the Helotrac platform provides the user with a computer interface completely covering the maintenance planning system.

Main aim of the course was the initial acquisition of initial competence for UH-60 and acquaintance with the training center, which will be the place for training of other LOTN employees in the future.

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