Type Training L-39 Vyškov

Our colleagues have completed type training of ILA ground personnel for aircraft types L-39 Ca ZA. The training took place from 21 May to 26 June 2018

Training in short:

The first part of the course took place in the first week – general acquaintance with the aircraft. This part was completed by a written test.

Subsequently, the training continued continuously in the following weeks / from 24.5 – 8.6 / professional courses, namely the expertise of the airframe, armament, radio equipment. These professional courses were completed by written examinations and subsequently certificates were issued.

After the completion of previous courses, from 11 June to 26 June 2018, a course in electro-special equipment followed, which was completed by written and practical examinations, and again the issuance of certificates followed.

Every day the theoretical training took place in the morning and after a break, in the afternoon, the practical part took place in the hangar of the academy.

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